This fine day in merry hat land, me and you mudkip were meandering along in Privet drive waiting for dumbledore and Priscius Macinius And then jesus came and zapped all our rapping raptors and then Sgt. Moody and Captain Price threw some StielHandGrenate at the enemy and bang and bang bang.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I like pot!

It's fucking tasty!

Chicks smoke it too . And sometimes, the chicks are tasty .

Have you ever taken a bong hit and blown it into a girl's nether-region?

It's funny because she'll end up putting her pants back on and sooner or later she'll queef bong smoke

Quite hilarious when it happens, indeed .

Monday, August 30, 2010

Marijuana - How could it harm me?

One of the ways this website will help you with your daily drug use is the ability to defend a charge of possession in court.

At your first court appearance enter no plea and get the police "disclosure" file, which contains all the evidence they have against you. See what sort of case they have before deciding what to do (Note: if you plead guilty, you do not get the disclosure file and will never find out that they may have actually had a very weak case that would not have stuck in court). Think about how the points above about denying knowledge, control and intention fit into the circumstances of your case. Pay particular attention to what happened before and during the search. Did they have lawful authority? Did you consent or refuse consent? Was their suspicion "reasonable"? Was any warrant correctly signed, dated and served? Were you read your rights? Were you lawfully or unlawfully detained? Were you given access to a free lawyer at the station? Even if you were caught red-handed, you may get off on a "technicality" if police didn't follow correct procedures.